Our activity

All new creations are being developed in house, from design to printing, through our technical and quality teams. A pattern might have thirty colors.

Our color laboratory creates colors and makes specific mixtures of pigments to reproduce exactly the colors of your original artwork which gives an enormous diversity of color formulas.

If you need the support, our teams will guide you through your projects and supply a customized product.

Because each pattern is unique, it is very important to us to respect all details, specifications and high quality of the finished product.

In France, and Worldwide, our main activities are Tableware, Sanitary-ware, Living, Architectural flat glass and Enamel for the major Ceramic brands. Our prints are produced to decorate Porcelaine, Bone China, Earthenware, Glass and Enamel.

The finesses of the outlines, half tone colors, multicolors, the expertise of our craftsmen guarantee our work of excellence and help us to innovate and develop new screen-printing technologies such as direct printing on Leather.

Our goal

“Transform our customer’s dream into one unique solution thanks to highly innovative products.”

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