What is a Craps Hop Bet?

What is craps hop bet? Put simply, it is a wager on the amount of a win or loss when you place a bet on the number of a ball in a craps table. This type of bet is popular in many casinos across the United States of America and indeed around the world for that matter, and many people like to place these bets and call them craps bets, though the reality is no one can actually win any money from such bets, but they can certainly make some money if the person that’s playing craps with you in the casino does not have their wager on the right side. Now, this does not mean that you should not play craps at all, because I’ve often won a little money by playing craps with friends and family members and even won money on some online gaming websites – but what I am trying to get at here is why you would consider taking a craps hop bet.

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Craps hop bet is essentially the same as your standard craps bet, just minus the « hop » part in between the numbers. For example, if you place your bet on red, then you are looking at the possibility of winning with a profit of five dollars (either way, it doesn’t really matter which way you win). However, if you were to look at the craps table and see that black has been called, then you would place your bet based on the assumption that you’d win with a profit of ten dollars (you may very well wind up getting more than this however). The difference in these two sets is that the first craps bet is for a set amount of money, while the second is for a set amount of chances.

If you are wondering what craps hop bet is, then you should probably look for a craps bonus at your next casino visit. Unfortunately, there are no such bonuses available at all in online casinos, so be prepared to spend quite a bit of money just to learn how to play craps in a casino. But once you get the hang of the basics, then you will have no problem making a consistent profit from your craps bets.